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Supafresh's retail brand, combining both online and offline sales activities, create a fruit platform with high quality and low price for consumers, and won the honor of  2015 Tmall 'Top ten fruit e-commerce retail brands'.

Already-to-eat avocado brand, with special packaging design, customers can carry fruit at different stages of ripeness in the same box. In order to deliver a more comprehensive service and add value to different customer groups, Supafresh provides avocado ripening service and customized marketing service.

GOGONUTS is aself-developed product of Supafresh which is ready-to-open, with convenientpacking, a straw and aspoon.  It istasty with fresh and sweet coconut milk, and tender andsmooth coconut flesh. One bit ofcoconut milk with one bit of coconutflesh can refresh you a whole day.

Ele Coco is a direct-sales brand owned by Supafresh, which is cooperating with global high-quality fruit suppliers, and focusing on providing all kinds of high-end imported and fresh fruits in the season, as well as personalized fresh fruit customized services. According to the sanitary procedure of airline fruit, the quality of fruit is strictly controlled from the source to the end.

SOVSO is a high-quality brand dedicated to connecting urban people and agricultural people. The harvest is the wish of every agricultural man and the expectation of Supafresher.Our international procurement teams and quality inspectors are responsible for the quality of the fruit.





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